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ul. Szwedzka 11, 30-324  Kraków tel. +(48 12) 267 31 11,    fax +(48 12) 269 36 05, email: btw@btw2.pl  

BTW ENGINEERING   ul. Szwedzka 11, 30-324  Kraków tel. +(48 12) 267 31 11,    fax +(48 12) 269 36 05, email: btw@btw2.pl       Wszelkie Prawa Zastrzeżone  2014r

Regulations for translators


1. The Translator completes a translation directly for the BTW Engineering company seated at ul. Szwedzka 11 in Krakow.

2. Payment for a prepared translation is based on translation pages, lines, words, CAT tool analyses or preapproved rates.

3. The order is delivered to the Translator through the btw2.pl internet system, phone or e-mail and contains the following information: the order No., date, and deadline of delivering the ready translation to BTW Engineering and the pay rate.

4. The pay rate is determined each time by the Translator and a BTW Engineering manager responsible for the project.

5. After accepting the order on the conditions determined by BTW Engineering the Translator should immediately confirm the accepted order in the btw2.pl system, e-mail or phone, providing the order No.

6. The translator should check if the sent documents are in compliance with the previous description (the number of files, the profile of the text). In the event of any discrepancy, the Translator should inform a BTW Engineering manager immediately. If the Translator does not submit any remarks, it is assumed that the order was accepted without any reservations.

7. The Translator sends the complete translation to BTW Engineering through the upload system at btw2.pl, e-mail to the manager conducting the order or in a manner described in the order. The e-mail address is protected against spam-bots. JavaScript must be turned on in the web browser.

8. The Translator is obliged to hand in the translation to BTW Engineering on time and not later than the time determined in the order. If there are no other indications, the translation should be sent to the BTW office before 3 p.m. on the day described as the deadline.

9. If the Translator will not be able to meet the deadline, due to an unforeseeable event, they are required to inform a project manager from BTW Engineering immediately. After submitting the information, the Translator receives confirmation of receiving the information. Missing the deadline leads to a decrease in payment or termination of the contract.

10. The Translator is required to execute the translation in compliance with best knowledge, skills and practice.

11. The Translator should report essential and formal problems related to the execution of the order early on.

12. The Translator is required to use the terminology used in a given field and take information on the terminology passed to them by a BTW Engineering manager responsible for the project into consideration.

13. Prior to handing the order in, the Translator is required to check the text carefully according to the essence, consistecy with the original, linguistic correctness (spelling, punctuation and vocabulary) etc.

14. If the translation is not accepted based on mistakes within, the order may be sent back to the Translator with guidelines and recommendations regarding the necessary corrections.

15. All copyrights related to commissioned translations are transferred to the BTW Engineering company, seated at ul. Szwedzka 11 in Krakow.

16. The Translator shall receive payment for correct execution of translation via bank transfer to the indicated bank account within 1 month from the date of receiving an invoice or a bill by BTW Engineering.


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