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ul. Szwedzka 11, 30-324  Kraków tel. +(48 12) 267 31 11,    fax +(48 12) 269 36 05, email: btw@btw2.pl  

BTW ENGINEERING   ul. Szwedzka 11, 30-324  Kraków tel. +(48 12) 267 31 11,    fax +(48 12) 269 36 05, email: btw@btw2.pl       Wszelkie Prawa Zastrzeżone  2014r


1. Why cooperate with BTW Engineering?

Our company is a team of qualified translators of many languages. We execute every order professionally and we are all engaged in projects we are given, as our work is also our passion! Clients’ satisfaction is most important, which translates into quality and longevity of our relations with clients and co-working translators. Starting cooperation with our translation office will be a perfect investment for you, which will shortly start benefit you and help you achieve a prestigious position in the market.


2. Why is confidentiality crucial in our work?

Translations we are entrusted with include different kinds of documents. These are manuals, future ad projects, patents, trade contracts, as well as other commercially classified documents. Our clients can be sure that texts given to us will be treated confidentially and no unwanted person will access them.


3. Are people registering in the btw2.pl system are verified?

Yes. Every person or company registering in our system is selected and verified. The BTW Engineering company reserves the right to conclude a contract for translation only with selected Partners.


4. How may translators settle accounts with BTW?

If the Translator does not have a registered business, they issue a bill to a contract of mandate. After deducting tax prepayment, the remaining amount is sent directly to the indicated bank account. In the case of companies, we also accept invoices.





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