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BTW ENGINEERING   ul. Szwedzka 11, 30-324  Kraków tel. +(48 12) 267 31 11,    fax +(48 12) 269 36 05, email: btw@btw2.pl       Wszelkie Prawa Zastrzeżone  2014r














Consecutive interpreting is a specific kind of interpreting. The interpreter listens carefully to the speaker, makes notes, and then translates a particular fragment of the speech, using the short break in the speech. This type of interpretation is often present at sports events, press conferences with a foreign guest, negotiations or business meetings.


BTW Engineering offers consecutive interpreting – both at the place appointed by you or at our headquarters. This kind of interpreting is very significant, as a badly translated fragment of a conversation may lead to misunderstandings and consequently serious implications (for instance, in the case of important negotiations or tenders). Such work requires perfect linguistic knowledge, reliability, quick reflexes and precise memorisation of the speaker’s train of thought.


Our company also offers simultaneous interpreting – this method is used mostly in projects gathering a large amount of listeners. While interpreting simultaneously, the interpreter is in a specially equipped booth and the gathered participants of a given event listen to the interpreting through earphones. This type of interpreting is often seen during press reports on the work of the European Parliament. Such interpretations demand high mental resistance to stress and quick reflexes. 


For many translators interpreting is a great challenge, which involves specific predispositions. Excellent knowledge of languages in which the translation is done and knowledge of special terminology from the area it concerns are certainly essential requirements. But one also needs: a considerable ability to focus, stress resistance, impeccable manners, quick reflexes and a sense of humour, which is useful to ease the tension, for instance, during particularly difficult trade negotiations. Taking all this into consideration, we hand pick the interpreters, who would take part in your conferences, symposia, seminars, workshops, trade negotiations, business meetings, negotiations and other events.