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ul. Szwedzka 11, 30-324  Kraków tel. +(48 12) 267 31 11,    fax +(48 12) 269 36 05, email: btw@btw2.pl  

BTW ENGINEERING   ul. Szwedzka 11, 30-324  Kraków tel. +(48 12) 267 31 11,    fax +(48 12) 269 36 05, email: btw@btw2.pl       Wszelkie Prawa Zastrzeżone  2014r


1. What is the cost of translation?

The price depends on the level of difficulty of a text. The translation of an academic or a specialised (e.g. medical) text will be more expensive than a general text. To know how much it will cost to translate your document, please complete our pricing form.


2. When will I receive information about the cost of translation?

Translation pricing is mostly sent shortly after receiving the enquiry (sent during office hours, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday). Pricing of enquiries sent after office hours is prepared and sent back the next day. If you want a faster estimate, please contact us via telephone.


3. What is a translation page?

A translation page is a unit comprising 1800 characters with spaces.

We also use word counts.


4. Is there a possibility to check how many translation pages there are in my document?

Most editing software includes a word count statistics tool, which you use to read the character count with spaces. You get the amount of translation pages by dividing the count by 1800 (number of characters per one translation page).


5. What is the lead time for translation?

Text translation is usually executed the day after payment is transferred to the Translation Office’s account and the confirmation of the transfer is delivered. In the case of a longer text, the deadline is agreed on directly with the translator.


6. What are the means of payment for the service?

Payment for our services may be done by a bank transfer or personally in our office.


7. How may I deliver materials for translation?

The materials may be sent as an attachment to the pricing form, an e-mail, a fax, post or by courier in the case of a larger job. You may also deliver it personally to our office.


8. Is it possible to receive an invoice, a bill or a receipt?

Yes, every client receives a VAT invoice.