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ul. Szwedzka 11, 30-324  Kraków tel. +(48 12) 267 31 11,    fax +(48 12) 269 36 05, email: btw@btw2.pl  

BTW ENGINEERING   ul. Szwedzka 11, 30-324  Kraków tel. +(48 12) 267 31 11,    fax +(48 12) 269 36 05, email: btw@btw2.pl       Wszelkie Prawa Zastrzeżone  2014r


In the case of marketing, advertising or informative texts, a crucial element is the graphic design for the presented content. Such texts often include graphs or other graphic data presentations, which influence the clarity of the text and enable easier acquisition of the presented information by viewers. In the case of documents such as: product catalogues, info flyers, info materials etc. a proper graphic design seems to be indispensable. The document is then closer to the original and therefore meets its destiny. The text alone is not sufficient. To achieve the presumed result it is necessary to complement it with graphic elements.


We offer high quality DTP services, which will make the turned in files’ layout identical to the original (they will include properly situated pictures, photographs, tables, graphs etc.). We also help out with designing new graphic layouts and changing text formats.


The price of DTP services is determined together with the client, depending on the level of complexity of the project, the used DTP software and the purpose of the target material. For example, preparing a paper to be published in the Internet is different from preparing a text for print.


The final files have the same page layout as the original; they contain all pictures, images, tables, graphs etc. We also offer the design of a new layout and text formatting. Normally, documents are provided in MS Word (it allows the client to change the text personally) and in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF). We also produce the content in professional software such as Adobe InDesign or Quark.